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Now we are here

Well here we are. For two weeks we’ve been wallowing in a sea of jetlag and familial love, gradually growing used to being Australian in Australia. Things have come rushing back; sights, smells, colours and sounds. It’s incredible how quickly the senses adjust. Just as if I’d never left. But when I close my eyes, I see Germany. Cobblestones, red roofs, the front door of our building. I try to enjoy it. I know it will fade soon enough.


Slipping Away

Just days now until we leave Germany. My time is almost up. It’s a bit painful to dwell on here, so I won’t. Funnily enough, winter has arrived to bid us farewell. After months of unseasonable warmth that bore no comparison to the extremes of last year, the weekend brought a thick white blanket of snow and a sudden plunge in temperatures. I ventured out with my camera during the week, hoping to find a way to capture it all before it’s too late, terrified of forgetting what this time of our lives has been like. Sadly I only managed three photos before my crew reached their limit and the project had to be abandoned. Shame, though it was -10c.

But then, unexpectedly, I managed to get out on my own. True it was for a dentist appointment, to make every last use of our German health insurance as all of us (who have teeth) have done this week. Nonetheless I managed a few photos of this city I love so much, before the light faded, and my breastfeeding mama deadline was up.

I’ll miss you, beautiful Leipzig.

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