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Apricot Fro Yo

Long before Jamie Oliver set out to expose the hideous truths of British school dinners, Camden Public School had a “healthy canteen” policy. Bless you, Mrs Meek. No chips, no nuggets, no double-choc muffins to be had. Whenever Mum did slip us a few coins towards recess, rounds of bread topped with cheese or Vegemite, pieces of fruit and any number of coconut apricot balls were the order of the day. There was one special treat that our canteen permitted: frozen yoghurt. Oh the sheer bliss of that creamy, tangy little tub and that novelty-sized spoon. May I suggest you drop everything and try the following? It’s quite possibly one of the easiest and most delicious things I’ve ever made. Perfect if you’re trying to pretend it’s really summer, when it just isn’t.                           

Apricot Frozen Yoghurt

A tip: don’t reach for your Jalna, your Vaalia and definitely not your Ski. Use plain old unsweetened yoghurt.

2x 1kg tubs of plain yoghurt
1 cup sugar + 2 tbs
1 kg fresh apricots

Strain the yoghurt through a muslin cloth for several hours or overnight. Halve your apricots and poach them in simmering water with 2tbs of sugar. Three to five minutes should do it. Strain and leave them to cool completely. Whisk together the yoghurt, apricots and sugar, reserving some apricots to swirl in later. Refrigerate the mixture for at least an hour or two. Break out your ice cream maker, or do as I do and beat it every hour for three hours as it freezes. I love checking its progress and watching the creaminess increase with each successive beating. Stir in your reserved apricots after the final whiz and leave it to get nice and firm. Unbelievable, really.


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