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Australia Day

Something I’ve learned: I remember things as being better than they were. Our old house at Brownlee Street, how I cursed the missing fly-screens, plagues of roaches and never-ending dust. Now all I remember are the light-filled rooms, outdoor clothes line and incredible back yard. Our time in Stuttgart? I’m sure many of you remember my bitter complaining (see here and here). The grey carpet, the sleazy furniture, the boredom, the endless grey days. When I look back though, it’s the wondrous markets, good friends, sunny apartment and view of the forest I remember. Same applies (I assume) to January 26th. I spent Australia Day last year trying to sell piles of unwanted junk at a garage sale in North Wollongong. I remember cursing the heat, the beer drinking, the cars, the music, the groups of testosterone-heavy youths with flags emblazoned all over their bodies and clothing (if it could be called that).

Was it really like that? Wasn’t it a day of national harmony and relaxation? Wasn’t there a glorious sun with a gentle but not oppressive heat? Didn’t I swim freely in a pristine ocean before eating a leisurely meal of BBQ’d delights? Didn’t I sip cool drinks by a perfect sunset? Wasn’t everything right with the world? No?

Denim and Red Classic Playtime Baby Overalls

Playtime baby overalls by NeverEver (Sydney)


<a href=

She’ll be Apples letterpress cards by rubyvictoria (Hobart)


Hand Knitted Australian Organic Merino Beanie for Baby - Toddler 12-24M

Hand knitted organic Australian merino beanie for baby by VictoriaOC (Melbourne)


Laundry Birds hand printed fabric by pippijoe (Melbourne)


Fill your cup - Tea 3 Range - Art Deco Tea Cup Photograph

Fill Your Teacup art photograph by BuckinghamRoad (Sydney)


shells (organic merino cotton cowl)

“Shells” organic merino cotton cowl by artish (Newcastle)


Under the tree…

I think His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales could declare the Campaign for Wool a resounding success based solely on the contents of my Christmas stocking this year. My friends and family know me well. I’m aware that “What I got for Christmas” is hardly original blogging ground, but since the givers weren’t able to see us receiving their gifts, I thought you might indulge me. Here are some of the lovely woolly things that were under our tree this year:

Some beautiful hand painted sock yarn by Etsy seller Sqwish.

A gorgeous woolly beret by the inimitable TOAST

A Harris Tweed plunger cosy by fieldytweed on Etsy

A tea cosy made from recycled felted sweaters by the clever Ecozee on Etsy

Handknitted socks bought from a local knitter in Leipzig

Two beautiful pairs of felted wool slippers by the talented Etsy seller ing00te.

Not pictured:
Merino wool singlets (thanks Grandma!)
Felted wool slippers for Rose
Merino wool top by Merino Kids

I’m sure you’d agree we were rather spoiled, in a woolly way. Thankyou for all the wonderful Christmas presents we received in the mail and in the bank this year. We’re so grateful for all of them.

La vie en Rose

Today our rosebud turned two. Can it really be two years since someone handed me that tiny bundle?

Second birthday parties are a serious business. I had big plans to make a birthday banner a la Amanda Blake Soule, which sadly fell by the wayside.  Meanwhile, I’ve been busy searching Leipzig for things like food colouring (lebensmittelfarbe), birthday candles (kerzen) and Hundred and Thousands. It’s strange to reflect on the little life we’re celebrating today; who that person is, and what they mean to us. I never saw myself as a very maternal person, and at 25 I found motherhood an awkward transition. I still can hardly believe I’m the person in question when “Mama?” is uttered in my presence. But in moments when I find myself trapped beneath a mess of yellow hair, cheeks and eyelashes pressed against mine, or when a warm body wriggles under my arm, resting a moment before wriggling off again, or when a little voice says “Come?” with finger pointing, head cocked sideways, eyebrows raised and face imploring, I’m thrilled with the joy of being the one she calls “Mum”.

Happy birthday Rose Elizabeth. We love you xx

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