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Australia Day

Something I’ve learned: I remember things as being better than they were. Our old house at Brownlee Street, how I cursed the missing fly-screens, plagues of roaches and never-ending dust. Now all I remember are the light-filled rooms, outdoor clothes line and incredible back yard. Our time in Stuttgart? I’m sure many of you remember my bitter complaining (see here and here). The grey carpet, the sleazy furniture, the boredom, the endless grey days. When I look back though, it’s the wondrous markets, good friends, sunny apartment and view of the forest I remember. Same applies (I assume) to January 26th. I spent Australia Day last year trying to sell piles of unwanted junk at a garage sale in North Wollongong. I remember cursing the heat, the beer drinking, the cars, the music, the groups of testosterone-heavy youths with flags emblazoned all over their bodies and clothing (if it could be called that).

Was it really like that? Wasn’t it a day of national harmony and relaxation? Wasn’t there a glorious sun with a gentle but not oppressive heat? Didn’t I swim freely in a pristine ocean before eating a leisurely meal of BBQ’d delights? Didn’t I sip cool drinks by a perfect sunset? Wasn’t everything right with the world? No?

Denim and Red Classic Playtime Baby Overalls

Playtime baby overalls by NeverEver (Sydney)


<a href=

She’ll be Apples letterpress cards by rubyvictoria (Hobart)


Hand Knitted Australian Organic Merino Beanie for Baby - Toddler 12-24M

Hand knitted organic Australian merino beanie for baby by VictoriaOC (Melbourne)


Laundry Birds hand printed fabric by pippijoe (Melbourne)


Fill your cup - Tea 3 Range - Art Deco Tea Cup Photograph

Fill Your Teacup art photograph by BuckinghamRoad (Sydney)


shells (organic merino cotton cowl)

“Shells” organic merino cotton cowl by artish (Newcastle)


Under the tree…

I think His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales could declare the Campaign for Wool a resounding success based solely on the contents of my Christmas stocking this year. My friends and family know me well. I’m aware that “What I got for Christmas” is hardly original blogging ground, but since the givers weren’t able to see us receiving their gifts, I thought you might indulge me. Here are some of the lovely woolly things that were under our tree this year:

Some beautiful hand painted sock yarn by Etsy seller Sqwish.

A gorgeous woolly beret by the inimitable TOAST

A Harris Tweed plunger cosy by fieldytweed on Etsy

A tea cosy made from recycled felted sweaters by the clever Ecozee on Etsy

Handknitted socks bought from a local knitter in Leipzig

Two beautiful pairs of felted wool slippers by the talented Etsy seller ing00te.

Not pictured:
Merino wool singlets (thanks Grandma!)
Felted wool slippers for Rose
Merino wool top by Merino Kids

I’m sure you’d agree we were rather spoiled, in a woolly way. Thankyou for all the wonderful Christmas presents we received in the mail and in the bank this year. We’re so grateful for all of them.

#4 Christmas creations

The photos in my previous two posts have come to you courtesy of a friend’s camera (thanks Chris). We’re still waiting on my new one to arrive. I was hoping today to show you some of the decorations to be seen in the windows and streets of Leipzig, but alas they’ll have to wait. Instead, I’m sharing with you some work by the talented Etsy seller andreabeth. One of her incredible nativity scenes is high on my list for next year. Santa, are you reading?

Three Wooly Wisemen and Star

Felted Wool Angels

Felted Wool Nativity


Felted Wool Nativity

Felted Wool Nativity

Felted Wool Angels

Wooly Donkey

Three Wooly Wisemen and Star


Wild and woolly

This week happens to be Britain’s very first National Wool Week as part of HRH’s Campaign for Wool. Being somewhat of a wool purist (to the point of near fanaticism) I’m sharing with you some of my favourite woolly items on Etsy. Wool is an amazing fibre; it can keep you warm in winter and cool in summer, it can repel moisture and insulate, it’s durable, beautiful and versatile. Best of all, unlike synthetic fibers, it breaks down at the end of its life.

Cloche Hat in Vintage Khaki Tweed with Vintage Buckle

Cloche hat in vintage khaki tweed with vintage button by bonniesknitting


Zigzac arm warmers  Marine

Zigzac arm warmers in marine by deleriumkredens


Hand Knitted Heather Gray and Vintage French Lace Clutch

Hand knitted heather grey and vintage French lace clutch by monamivie


Marilyn... the eternal romantic

Marilyn… the eternal romantic by EmmaLamb


Egg / felted slippers Women's size US 8,5 Euro 39

Felted Slippers by Onstail


Big Felted Rose by AVAoriginal

Big Felted Rose by AVAoriginal


Egg cup and cozy set

Egg cup and cozy set by NorahSmith


Knee High Socks Red Lace with ties

Knee High Socks – red lace with ties by pinkcandystudio


handmade iphone/ipod touch wallet

Handmade iphone/ipodtouch wallet by qtpiworkshop


Soleil Cowl - Oversized Knit Merino Wool and Cashmere Neckwarmer

Soleil Cowl by TickledPinkKnits


Cafetiere Cosy - Moss Green/Burnt Orange

Cafetiere cozy moss green/burnt orange by fieldytweed


Oatmeal and winter white felted nesting bowls by blackbirddesignhouse


Rose Wool Satchel

Rose wool satchel by Woolybison


Owl Pillow --- Grey Wool Tweed body, Mustard Yellow face --- Mid Century Modern

Owl pillow by birdenvy

Green apple by woollyduck



A perfect pincushion

My husband puts up with a good deal for the sake of my craft. Pins lying around the house do not fall into that category. His relationship with sewing really deteriorated one day when he stepped on a pin cushion. The plucking of pins and needles from the foot of one’s husband is a regretful task. I wonder, would he have stepped on one of these?

Linen  pincushion - crochet motif

Linen pincushion – crochet motif by Namolio

pin cushion (56)

Pin Cushion by moniamano

pin cushion

Pincushion by olivebrown

Strawberry Cupcake Pin Cushion

Strawberry Cupcake Pincushion by jacksbeanstalk


Hedgehog Pincushion by strawberriesandcream

Vintage Scottish Wool Tartan and Recycled Denim Pin Cushion

Vintage Scottish Wool Tartan and Recycled Denim Pincushion by ecozee

Pincushions for the sewing enthusiast

Pincushions for the Sewing Enthusiast by karmologyclinic

Heart Pin Cushion

Heart Pincushion by ThePitbullBarNGrill

Blue Velvet Teacup Pincushion - Fit for a Queen - Five Matching Pin Toppers

Blue Velvet Teacup Pincushion – pincushioncrazy346

Pincushion Ring - Red Velvet

Pincushion Ring – Red Velvet by madeinlowell

little linen pincushion

Little Linen Pincushion by PrarieSeed

Tomatoes - Set of Two

Set of Two Tomatoes by seventytwostitches

Emery Pincushion - Felt Cup of Hot Tea

Emery Pincushion – Felt Cup of Hot Tea by dottyral

A parcel in the post

Today Rose and I received a satisfyingly enormous package in the mail. How enthralling it was to slice open the seal, and how comforting to unwrap lovingly packaged tokens of home. Thanks Mum! Our loot included a jar of vegemite (for Rose’s sandwiches), two packets of Tim Tams, a copy of Peppermint magazine and the March Country Living, some Cadbury’s Easter eggs, a picture book and bunny, some Twinings tea and some beeswax crayons. Inspired by this, I’m sharing with you some Etsy finds designed to send you into a frenzy of letter writing and parcel sending. After all, there is something dignified about letter writing that emails can not touch. Wouldn’t you agree?

I have now attained the true art of letter-writing, which we are always told is to express on paper exactly what one would say to the same person by word of mouth.
Jane Austen to Cassandra

Sweet Yellow Bird Stationary by pinkbathtub

Share Some Tea With Me Letterpress Stationary by maydaystudio

Hot Air Balloon Hello Cards by paperinstyle

French Bee Letterpress Stationary by missive

Hand-Stamped Greeting Card by FostenGreetings

New Home Letterpress Card by luckystarpress

Vintage Bicycle Folded Stationary by ChicDesignOnline

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