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An open letter to the German weather

Dear German weather,

I want us to be friends. I know we’ve had our differences, our share of ups and downs. I wont pretend I wasn’t angry after some of the things you did last winter. But I feel I owe you an apology. I may have been a little harsh, a little too quick to judge. I didn’t realise what you were planning, in fact, I’d forgotten what you were capable of. Spring was some of your finest work. May was nothing short of a masterpiece. I was sorry I ever doubted you. But see, I’d hate for things to go backwards again. And now, while Americans complain of the “heatwave”, German friends tell me they’ve never had a July like this.

So, I ask you, where is the sunshine? Where are the balmy evenings? It’s been weeks. You’ve had your fun. But please, enough is enough. There’s still time for August. I believe you can do hot, even here. So let’s see it.


ps Thanks all for the birthday cards and Tim Tams, 28 isn’t so bad.

pps Yes I did knit that. Ravelry notes here.

ppps Apologies for the gratuitous polaroids. The app makes a cute sound.


Ice cream on Koch

There are some disconcerting paradoxes in a city like Leipzig, walled in for forty years under a communist dictatorship. Make a visit to the Stasi Museum, as I did last week, and you’ll come out blinking in the sunlight and wondering at the horrors committed and experienced here. Toddle south to Alfred-Kästner-Strasse and you’ll find the place where executions were carried out for the entire GDR from 196o onwards. Turn the corner and you’ll arrive at the Eiscafe on Koch Strasse.

You’ll find a little trove awash with nostalgia, frozen in time (so to speak). Wallpaper, signage, furniture and ice cream equipment all preserved as they were for forty years. I walked past this place for weeks in the snow, wondering how a forlorn little Eiscafe with no sign of life could possibly survive or turn a profit. Head over there on a warm July afternoon and be prepared to queue for your Eis. Flavours are certainly limited, but everything is made on the premises. My verdict: a little on the sweet side. But going by the stream of customers, it would seem I’m outnumbered. At 70c a pop (or cone), no one is missing out.

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