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One today

I had hoped to post a photo from each of Theodore’s twelve months of life, but sadly my photographic archives are in Brisbane and I am in Sydney. Instead, here are some pictures from his big day. Happy birthday, little darling.


The Queen, my Mum

A recent delivery of lovely organic flour from Kialla foods had me searching for a recipe to try it out on. According to my delivery man, Queensland grains are renowned in the baking industry for producing an unexceptionable flour. A sponge cake seemed like the way to put it to the test. A Victoria Sponge. Very royal, and perfect for celebrating the birthday of…


Here she is as a girl. Isn’t she sweet?

 As far as mums go, she is herself unexceptionable. Endless patience, gentle reassurance, and liberal doses of humour. Sometimes I wonder how I ever became a mother myself when I so badly need my own still.

Happy birthday Mum.

29 today

With much, much love to Aunty Carol today. We’ll miss him very much.

Zum Geburtstag, liebe Rosie

Dear Rose,

Today was your third birthday. Your Dad made pancakes for breakfast. Yours was the shape of an “R”. The living room was decorated with 38 balloons. I tried to make some bunting, but we’re terribly sleep deprived and I couldn’t manage it. Instead, I got out my collection of hankies and tied them all together. It looked grand, and you loved it. I decorated your chair with flowers, just like in the book Miffy’s Birthday by Dick Bruna.

All your presents were wrapped in red paper. You didn’t know or care that your new bike was bought second hand from the neighbour, or that your doll’s house once belonged to the lovely Hochschild girls. Aside from these we gave you glitter pens, a little stethoscope and an old black “doctor bag”, since “doctoring” is big with you right now. We also gave you a groclock, which was a pathetic attempt to recover your sleep habits. You seemed to like it. Your favourite gift is a blue ballet outfit. It was given to us years ago by Sarah Schachtel, who bought it at a garage sale. I’ve kept it hidden all this time. I can see it causing problems, you already want to wear it all day.

We organised a party for you at the last minute, and by “last minute” I mean morning of. Nevertheless, you had heaps of guests, and our flat became a chaotic whirl of children, babies and adults. You wore a dress that my mother made for me, with smocking and a peter pan collar. You asked for an apricot cake, but we couldn’t get dried apricots and your cake was chocolate instead. When we sang, you cried and hid your face. You didn’t want to blow out the candles.

At three years old, you’re an enchanting girl. You’re articulate, stubborn, imaginative, bossy, serious, silly and kind. Your storms are very stormy, your sunshine bright. We love being your parents.

Happy birthday darling girl.

La vie en Rose

Today our rosebud turned two. Can it really be two years since someone handed me that tiny bundle?

Second birthday parties are a serious business. I had big plans to make a birthday banner a la Amanda Blake Soule, which sadly fell by the wayside.  Meanwhile, I’ve been busy searching Leipzig for things like food colouring (lebensmittelfarbe), birthday candles (kerzen) and Hundred and Thousands. It’s strange to reflect on the little life we’re celebrating today; who that person is, and what they mean to us. I never saw myself as a very maternal person, and at 25 I found motherhood an awkward transition. I still can hardly believe I’m the person in question when “Mama?” is uttered in my presence. But in moments when I find myself trapped beneath a mess of yellow hair, cheeks and eyelashes pressed against mine, or when a warm body wriggles under my arm, resting a moment before wriggling off again, or when a little voice says “Come?” with finger pointing, head cocked sideways, eyebrows raised and face imploring, I’m thrilled with the joy of being the one she calls “Mum”.

Happy birthday Rose Elizabeth. We love you xx


My very first summer birthday was shaping up to be a good one. Rose had slept in, my hubby had found the best bacon in Stuttgart and my sister announced an immanent visit! The only thing to top it off was dinner at my favourite restaurant – the Horse Place.

It’s actually called Reiterstübles, but to us it’s always “the Horse Place”. The horses in question can be seen practising their dressage on the other side of a large window; the perfect entertainment for a toddler. On our first visit, snow lay on the ground and a wood fire burned in the pot-bellied stove. This time the sun beat down and the bier garten was in full swing. Anyone with a small child will appreciate the awkwardness of trying to enjoy a nice meal in public; asking apologetically whether they had eine kinderstuhle, Tony and I fell instantly in love with the staff when they happily set up the onerous kinderstuhle, set a place with special flatware, brought out drawing materials and pressed a lolly in Rose’s hand as we left.  The other reason we love this place is the delicious Swabian food. Sadly we’ve tried only a few dishes on the menu; the meals we had on our first visit were so incredible it’s impossible to vary our order (as Lesley, Keren and my parents will all testify). Zweibelrostbraten and teller schnitzel that melt in your mouth, with a serving of the traditional kartoffelnsalate. 27 may not be so bad.

ps I’d like to say welcome to Solomon Browne Burton, born today at 8.20pm! July 13th is a very nice date, I’m glad I can share my birthday with you.

Happy birthday MavisandFrank

Oh la la Liberty Bunting

I can hardly believe it. Today my little Etsy store MavisandFrank turns one. It started with a borrowed sewing machine, some pretty fabric, a little boredom; a way to rescue my brain from becoming something resembling the texture of cooked eggplant. Though it’s been tough and tiring at times, my little enterprise has been a lifeline in these first few months in Germany. Simple things have become harder (buying beads, filling out customs forms), but I still get a little thrill each time I send a package off on a long journey to somewhere I will probably never go.

In other news, we’re now home safe from a glorious week in beautiful Burgundy (more tomorrow, I promise). Oh, and Australia has a new Prime Minister…

Oh la la Liberty Bunting by Ravenhill

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