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From the trenches

With Christmas over and done with, it was tempting to think that winter must surely be losing its momentum, soon to be replaced by the graces of spring. But no. The European winter stumbles on, and I have to admit, it has me completely floored. It leaves me wondering how humanity ever flourished here, or anywhere else in northern Europe, and why the earliest Europeans didn’t all curl up and die, as I feel the urge to do, even with the blessing of central heating. Another thing I’ve wondered is whether hibernation is a viable option, and why it hasn’t been adopted by humans. But, however sluggish and miserable I feel, it’s extraordinary how the even the briefest sunshine leaves me almost euphoric. Remembering the cold excesses of March and April last year, and the many weeks we spent bundled to the eyelids after our arrival, I decided it was not too late to do some winter sewing. A coat, for the girl who’s growing quickly.

This was inspired by something that Margaret Hale wears in the BBC’s North and South. I’ve never been a purple chooser, but this deep plum look won me over. The outer was made from a remnant piece of hand-loomed Scottish tweed that I rescued from a box in Peppergreen. I had to plan my cutting so carefully, there was barely an inch left. The inner is a vintage piece of Liberty bought by my mum from a neighbouring shop. These two were obviously meant to be together. After many hours of research on the subject of underlining (or interlining, it depends who you ask), I added an inner layer of very thick cotton flannel and some ordinary cotton flannel to the arms. Make no mistake, this coat is meant for the German winter. I used an easy-as-pie pattern by HeidiandFinn on etsy. This is the fourth time I’ve made it up, with variations, so I’m confident I’ve gotten my $5.95’s worth.

And look, sunshine!


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