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November in a nutshell

Dear readers, have you missed me? I’m going to break my own rule and apologise for my complete silence over the past four weeks. Perhaps you’re beginning to think I’m making a habit of disappearing simply to stage dramatic re-appearances. Perhaps I am. In any case, a combination of things have made November challenging with regards to blogging. I’ll save you the effort of reading a month’s worth of posts in one; here are just a few things that have happened of late:

The departure of Keren

After a few days spent bashing around London together, it was time to say farewell to this most special friend. Her eighteen months in England have come to a close she has safely returned to our shared homeland. It’s a sad loss for the northern hemisphere. I’ll treasure all the memories I have of our adventures together, in Leipzig, Berlin, Stuttgart, London, Paris and good old Chichester. And thankyou, Keren, for being a lifeline for me as well as a constant source of ideas, adventure and empathy.

The arrival of winter

No sooner had a strong wind picked up from the south than the glory of autumn was completely gone. The leaves completed their suicide pact and made a thick brown carpet all around. As I write this, swirls of lacy white crystals are ballooning outside my window, and the streets, cars and rooftops are completely buried in a blanket of white. My knitting output has reached fever pitch as I struggle to keep my handmade/second hand pledge as well as my family from freezing.

The loss of my camera

A sad story with a happy ending. Last weekend we were lucky enough to visit some friends in the tiny village of Wannewitz. The sun made a celebrity appearance making the whole experience incredibly photogenic; I came home eager to share photos of the country’s wintery beauty as well as Rose feeding cows, stomping through mud and generally having a romping good time. Sadly my camera seems to have gone missing sometime during the return journey, we suspect it was stolen out of our car when we stopped en route. With it went a month’s worth of photos (the lesson here – download more often). A camera is just a thing of course, but somehow this is a loss that has hurt. It was an extravagant gift from a loving husband, a way of saying “Thank you for following me half way round the world”. On reflection I realise the camera had become part of my strategy for facing life in Germany; a voice when I couldn’t express myself and a periscope for those at home. In an act of great generosity, some friends have loaned us the money to replace it. The family of God are wondrously kind.

The birth of nephew no. 2

Levi Richard O’Reilly was born healthy and adorable on October 27th. Not being available to share in his first months of life is a sting to say the least, but we’re looking forward to meeting him in person when our paths eventually cross. Welcome, Levi, to the family and the world.


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