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And the winner is

Before we declare the summer well and truly passed, the search for Leipzig’s best ice cream begs to be resolved. And friends, we have a hands-down winner. A couple of months back I discovered the organic, locally made ice cream available at Gourmetage in the Mädler Passage. The Mädler is Leipzig’s Rodeo Drive. Within lies the 450 year old Auerbach’s Keller, which features in Goethe’s Faust. No seventy cent cones here.

A meticulously groomed girl in a black and white uniform emerges from the champagne bar to serve us our ice creams. Her scoops are generous and impeccably round. She offers to let me sample some of the flavours. We both try the Basillikum. “Tastes like basil” she says, and we both burst out laughing. I must choose between Guava and Coconut, Mango and Ginger, Lime and Mint, Strawberry and Lavender, Pineapple and Parsley, to name but a few. In the end I can’t go passed plain old Schokolade. Only it isn’t plain, it’s out of this world. Now this is more like it.


An update

In the hospital where Theodore was born, a photographer was on hand at all times, ready with her soft focus lens and album of sample baby photos. We passed each other many times. She smiled, but with the language barrier, she never got up the courage to approach me for a session. I thought those mums were foolish, paying very good money to have their newborn posed and flashed at by a complete stranger. But now I begin to think they were on to something. Turns out, newborns are very difficult to photograph. I’ve been well aware that this blog needed an update on Theodore, being as it is the primary means for friends and family to see him. But I knew you wouldn’t forgive me had I not some sweet photos to post with it. I now see how natural it is for less photos to be taken of successive children in a family. How does a mum take a photo when a baby is always either attached to her, crying, or sleeping in a manner which nothing on earth could induce her to disturb by such intrusions as a camera’s shutter? If there are precious moments in between these things, they are dedicated to the children whose lives have been abruptly and permanently altered by the arrival of a new family member. So, here they are. My feeble attempts at newborn photography.

For those who may have been waiting to hear, we’re sorry we haven’t updated you on Theodore’s progress. He spent two nights in the NICU and a third night with me in the hospital ward. He’s been feeding like a man recently emerged from the desert. As a result he’s gained weight like a man training for a sumo wrestle. He’s a sensitive soul, partial to cuddles. Today is/was his due date. His sister loves bathing with him, kissing him, waving his hand and updating us with the phrase “He’s crying again Mummy!” He has turned our world upside down and inside out. And we love him very, very much.


He joined us last Tuesday, Theodore Edward Wright. Four weeks early and barely 48 hours after our return from England. There’s much to tell of our adventures over the few weeks, but for now, here he is. Our tiny, perfect son.

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