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A perfect pincushion

My husband puts up with a good deal for the sake of my craft. Pins lying around the house do not fall into that category. His relationship with sewing really deteriorated one day when he stepped on a pin cushion. The plucking of pins and needles from the foot of one’s husband is a regretful task. I wonder, would he have stepped on one of these?

Linen  pincushion - crochet motif

Linen pincushion – crochet motif by Namolio

pin cushion (56)

Pin Cushion by moniamano

pin cushion

Pincushion by olivebrown

Strawberry Cupcake Pin Cushion

Strawberry Cupcake Pincushion by jacksbeanstalk


Hedgehog Pincushion by strawberriesandcream

Vintage Scottish Wool Tartan and Recycled Denim Pin Cushion

Vintage Scottish Wool Tartan and Recycled Denim Pincushion by ecozee

Pincushions for the sewing enthusiast

Pincushions for the Sewing Enthusiast by karmologyclinic

Heart Pin Cushion

Heart Pincushion by ThePitbullBarNGrill

Blue Velvet Teacup Pincushion - Fit for a Queen - Five Matching Pin Toppers

Blue Velvet Teacup Pincushion – pincushioncrazy346

Pincushion Ring - Red Velvet

Pincushion Ring – Red Velvet by madeinlowell

little linen pincushion

Little Linen Pincushion by PrarieSeed

Tomatoes - Set of Two

Set of Two Tomatoes by seventytwostitches

Emery Pincushion - Felt Cup of Hot Tea

Emery Pincushion – Felt Cup of Hot Tea by dottyral


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