Happy Birthdays

In our family on birthday mornings everyone must sing to the birthday boy/girl. I remember one year singing to Grandma over the phone. Only it wasn’t Grandma. The confused listener waited patiently till the end and then politely asked “Who is this?”

My mother and aunt celebrating a birthday as children in England

I missed three family birthdays this week. Dad on Friday, Grandma on Sunday, and today my beloved little sister turns 23.¬†Naturally, its been a tough week. Saying goodbye to Keren on Monday left a wound that seems to have festered in the dreary weather. It all came to a head on Wednesday night when I found myself crying over a pot of half-cooked risotto, sifting through handful by painful handful to retrieve a grinders worth of whole peppercorns. Fortunately, Rose wasn’t there to see this, Tony having grabbed her on the way out to buy some emergency eggs. Cups of tea, You’ve Got Mail and planning a trip to Paris have provided a temporary salve. And for the moment, I think teary kitchen moments have passed. But all the skyping in the world can’t make up for hugs, cakes, present-giving ceremonies and boisterous singing.

Happy Birthday Dad, Grandma and Sarah. Miss you all so much x


3 Responses to “Happy Birthdays”

  1. 1 Arthur Kelly May 7, 2010 at 9:44 am

    I missed you, and your early morning “Happy Birthday” rendition, on my birthday too Ally. However, only five weeks until we arrive to see you all so we will have a special birthday celebration (yours, Tony’s, Mum’s and mine) when we are together.
    Love to you all.


  2. 2 Grandma Mavis May 9, 2010 at 9:15 am

    When you are far from home, celebrating birthdays is difficult and in this photo I was missing my family too and shedding a few tears.I hope your rissoto was edible and look forward to listening to you singing to me (or someone else) again soon.
    God bless.

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