A Visitor

Many of you know the lovely Keren Moran, who is living and working as an au pair in the UK. Keren is not only my long time friend from Wollongong days, she is also my PFFL. After the volcano caused some anxiety over our planned reunion here in Stuttgart, she materialised at Terminal 1 early on Thursday evening. On the S-Bahn trip to meet her, I sat as I usually do on public transport in Germany; intimidated and silent with downcast eyes and a slight hunch, hoping against hope that I was on the right train with the right ticket and not about to be exposed as an imposter. But all the usual frigidity and self-consciousness melted away with one glimpse of that familiar face. Anyone who saw me again on the return journey would have wondered at the raucous laughter, torrent of stories and excited planning that could be heard throughout the S-Bahn.

Sadly our plans for picnics, baking Swedish buns and bargain hunting at markets were brought to a halt by the Labour Day holiday and some unwelcome rain (have a read of Keren’s blog to hear what we did get up to). Having spent the week washing sheets and stocking up on Old Amsterdam cheese, I was nonetheless unprepared for what Keren’s visit would bring. Aside from the last two issues of Country Living, The Lady and a cast iron pot that I bought on UK ebay, Keren brought with her a sense of equilibrium that we have long been without. It was like having a visitor from the mothership. We have so few points of contact with the world around us, and so few checks and balances, that it was quite a shock to the system. Only now do I realise how much Old Amsterdam I’ve actually been eating, how much mess Rose has been making, and how isolated Tony and I really are (not knowing about the public holiday is a pretty good example). Luckily, Keren is a supernanny as well as a good friend. Our parenting practices, diets and long term plans are all under review. Though I’m loathed to part with her, we have a series of exciting things on the horizon starting with a trip to Paris together in May. Time to reread French Women Don’t Get Fat. Thank you Burton family for letting me have her, and thanks for coming Kez. Loved it xx


2 Responses to “A Visitor”

  1. 1 Jo May 3, 2010 at 10:26 pm

    I’m so glad you have such a friend as Keren in your hemisphere! And the baking exercise sounds great!! Hope your skulking on the train as an imposter becomes a thing of the past in no time!! 🙂

  1. 1 Streusel Friday « MavisandFrank Trackback on May 22, 2010 at 1:47 pm

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