A German ANZAC Day

It is definitely strange being in Germany for ANZAC Day. Every year I wonder, as we all do, how we let the world wars happen. And every year I want to cry for people who were violently killed. I’m in no position to give an answer to the question. But living in Stuttgart its easy to see how badly war affected Germany too. It’s a medieval city with the architecture of the twentieth century, bombed into oblivion during World War II. Thousands of ordinary people were killed here, and every street is a reminder. It’s hard to swallow the reality that the two countries, my home and my new home, were at war against each other when my Grandpa was a teenager. But its not so hard to believe. Wars are still being fought in so many places around the world, and corrupt governments are alive and well. It’s easy to forget.

This weekend we volunteered (ahem, I volunteered Tony) to help some new friends move house. Wanting to be helpful, I decided to make ANZAC biscuits. Sadly I’d left my great grandmother’s recipe behind in Australia. I considered skyping my Mum, but it was 2am for her. I almost went with Heidi Swanson’s version, but couldn’t forgive her the crime of calling them “Anzac cookies”. Excuse me Heidi but the ANZACs sang God Save the Queen. They’re definitely biscuits. Eventually I settled on a recipe. Of course, the ingredients were easy to find. HaferflockenKokosnuss and Backpulver were all readily available. Zuckerrübensirup was a little trickier to find. If there’s one recipe from which the uncooked dough tastes a million on the finished biscuit, I think ANZACs take the cake. And apparently, Rose agrees.


3 Responses to “A German ANZAC Day”

  1. 1 Samantha April 25, 2010 at 9:16 am

    Yum! I was speaking to Mill today and she was planning on making ANZAC cookies (she is in the US of course) for her neighbours, but believe it of not they don’t have golden syrup over there! She made a pavlova for friends last week also. You two really are flying the Aussie foodie-flag! Love Sam xox

  2. 2 Arthur Kelly April 25, 2010 at 12:15 pm

    The old Anzac biscuits are hard to go past Ally. Sarah and Olly are home for the weekend and guess what Sarah wanted to make today!! She did a brilliant job of them too – using your Great Grandmas recipe of course. Certainly better than Mum’s “Anzac slice” (as I called it) when she first attempted them about thirty years ago. I’m still living that one down!! On the other hand, Sarah did have someone who has actually mastered the art of making Anzac biscuits on hand to help and give advice. And yes, the uncooked version is delicious – I sneaked in a few little finger-fulls from the bowl when no one was looking!! Rose looks like she enjoyed them either way.
    We had a great day cooking – baked quinces, bread, pizza, plum and almond pie.
    Your sentiments about war ring true with me too. Only yesterday, after watching some atrocity on the idiot box, I said to Mum “Why can’t people live in peace”? Occasionally I still think of the two great uncles of mine that died in World War I and impact that their deaths must have had on my Grandad’s family.
    Love to you all.


  3. 3 Jill May 1, 2010 at 2:51 am

    Hi Ally,

    After playing music for two marches and three Anzac Day services in two days my thoughts, too, were drifting to the needless loss of life and the bias and euphemisms that so often cloak it. This year some very obvious tensions within our red-vested ranks left me reflecting on the human frailties that lie at the heart of all wars. Keep writing. That’s your gift and you have great power, in sharing your reflections, to touch others. Heaps of love, Jill

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