Wren Handmade

For those down in the Gong (my lovely former home by the sea), I want to draw your attention to the grand opening of Wren Handmade this Saturday. The genius behind this intriguing new store is the very talented Sal Harris, my one-time stall-sharing buddy and partner in handmade crime. Sal is an extremely talented girl, I have no doubt her brilliance and creativity (not to mention her integrity and warmth) will make this a big success.  Wren Handmade is a new shop space featuring the work of Australian designers, crafters and artists. Many of you are familiar with her gorgeous hand printed kids clothes (an Aussie baby can’t have too many singlets!) which adorn the children of Wollongong. Expect to see more of her flair coming through with a new line of organic screen-printed clothing for men, women and children, as well as a range of handmade children’s clothing. I was lucky enough to get a preview before I left. First thing I could utter was “Where do I buy one?” Goodies available at Wren Handmade include:

  • Ruby Victoria Lino Prints and Letterpress Printed Stationary
  • Jewellery by That Vintage, The Little Button, Flamboyant Jo and more
  • Original handmade bags by Silk & Purple
  • Japanese linen purses
  • Homewares from Sydney designer Cushiontree and artist Rose Colbeck
  • A small range of loveable softies
  • Eco Journals

The official opening will he held this Saturday 27th March at 9.30am, with an organic tea tasting and morning tea from the Illawarra’s organic specialists. The shop is located upstairs inside Manic Organic, Princes Highway, Woonona.

Being a girl with apparently boundless energy, Sal will also be hosting Wren Creative Evenings, regular meetings for crafty people to drink tea and work on their latest project. They’re free and casual, I only wish I was there to join in! If you’re interested, send her an email at salharris@live.com. Every now and then someone comes into your life and you just know they’re a bright spark welling up to brilliance. Sal is one such spark. She’s also a special friend (sniff), and I wish her the very best for Wren Handmade.


1 Response to “Wren Handmade”

  1. 1 Sal Harris March 25, 2010 at 11:35 pm

    Oh thanks lovey! you are here in spirit fluffing the cushions for me 🙂

    xo Sal

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