Despite my misgivings (about the been-there-done-that side of things), I’m going to do a spot of travel blogging here.

When the novelty of last weekend’s snow wore off, we found ourselves trapped, bored and very nearly hysterical.  After a week of sub-zero temperatures, we were thrilled when BBC Weather Online predicted “4” for Saturday. Time to take our new car on the road. On the Autobahn, in fact. We programmed the Tom Tom (gift from the ever-generous Richard and Lesley), to take us 120km north-west to Heidelberg. Heidelberg is one of those picture perfect German cities. Its built on the River Neckar, has the longest pedestrian street in Europe and is furnished with a medieval castle that stands watch over the city like a spectre of Germany’s ancient past. Heidelberg Castle has been admired by everyone from Renaissance kings to Mark Twain. Martin Luther once paid a visit, and apparently the castle itself has been struck by lightning twice! (Thanks Wikipedia). Looking at it, one can’t help wondering what sort of people would have been so crazy/greedy/fortunate to actually live in such a place. Wandering amongst the ruined walls and mossy gargoyles, I couldn’t help thinking of the poor sods who washed the clothes, chopped the firewood and shovelled the snow for 500 years, on the very stones beneath my feet. I may not feel very German yet, but with pictures of my very first German castle now safely snapped, I can at least feel like a tourist.


2 Responses to “Heidelberg”

  1. 1 Leise March 15, 2010 at 6:51 am

    Hi lovely,

    These pictures really are amazing! It sounds like you’re starting to have these nice little adventures. I wish I was there with you because it looks fantastic. I tell you what else looks fantastic? YOUR FRINGE!! Nice one ally 🙂 It really suits you!

    Look forward to hearing more soon! As for me I have nothing anywhere near as interesting to report. Uni, work, housemates still great, and that’s about it. Happy except for missing you guys 🙂

    Lots of love,

    • 2 mavisandfrank March 15, 2010 at 9:06 am

      Hello sweetie, glad you like the fringe 🙂 I got it done on Charing Cross Rd at Leicester Square on our last day in London. Cost me fifteen pounds, haha. I think its actually crooked, but I don’t have a hairdryer to really do it properly at the mo. Boxes are arriving today, hurray! Miss you heaps.
      Love me

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